Dua Lipa, Lino - Hotter Than Hell [ LINO REMIX ]

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Otto Knows, Avicii, Lino – Back Where I Belong (feat. Avicii) [Lino Remix]

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Step off the chain of dawn

굴레에서 걸어 나와

Back in the place where I was born

나 본래의 곳으로 돌아갔네

It's been ten years since I've been gone

떠나온지 십년째이던가

It took me ten years to know I'm wrong

그 세월 나는 오해했었네

I've been everywhere, nothing is new

여러곳을 다녔지만 다른건 없었네

And I've done everything I've set out to do

그 모든 새출발이 모두 허사였을 뿐

I'm nothing without you

당신없이는 아무것도 아닌

Without you I'm nothing at all

나는 아무것도 아니라네

I'm back where I belong

나 있을곳 여기

No matter where I'm from

어디부터 왔는지는 중요치않아

It's been here all along

난 줄곧 여기에..

I finally made it home

결국 나 있는곳 알았네

Don't know the price of time

망설임의 대가가 뭔지 몰라

Until you know what life can buy

때문에 삶이 어떻게 바뀌는지 알기전까지는

You know I hope the world's been kind

내가 바라는 세상을 이해하는 당신이

Hope you can see it in my eyes

내 이맘을 알길 바라네

Nervo, Lino - Anywhere You Go (Lino Remix)

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Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Lino - Love Me Harder [Lino Remix]

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Sam Feldt, Lino, feat. Heidi Rojas - Shadows Of Love (Lino Remix)

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Bart Howard, Lino, Benjamin Man - Fly Me To The Moon (Lino Remix) (Vocal. Benjamin Man)

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